The International Tree Fund (ITF) is a Dutch volunteer organisation aiming for the conservation and management of tropical forests. ITF also stives to increase the well-being of people who live in these tropical forests. The volunteers of ITF occupy themselves with fund raising for projects in the tropical forests including support for the original indigenous cultures. The ITF supports, with the aid of donors, small-scale projects in Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras).

Since the establishment in 1990, ITF has realised many projects thanks to its donors. Schools and community houses have been  build, a lot of small economic projects have been realised, as were several educational projects and hundreds of hectares bare soil were forested and much existing valuable jungle has been preserved and protected.

ITF also recognizes the importance of the relationship between people from Central America and the Netherlands. Meeting ancient cultures and respecting them brings richness to our lives. Examples are for instance Ali Garcia of the Bri Bri Indians, Miguel Soto Cruz from the Cabecar, or Don Louis of the Guyami, all in Costa Rica.

Also the relationship with the people in Guatemala organized in the CGTG labour union has developed into a deep and rich friendship. Since our start we have realised over 300 projects. Many people benefited in Central America and in Europe as well.

To contact us, please e-mail us at info@itf.nl